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"I couldn't believe it was in the mailbox this morning when i ordered it on Saturday! I have always bought the product at my health food store but they are always out of it so I decided to start ordering online and what a nice surprise. I have been using your Eye-C for about a year. My dog's eye was severely injured in an accident an the Eye-C has helped her tremendously. Thank you for a wonderful product and great service." - B.V. Temperance, MI

"I just wanted you folks to know how incredibly impressed I am by your lightning quick service and shipping. I received my order from you earlier this afternoon, less than 24 hours after placing it online. and the fact that it had to travel clear accross the country from California to little old Wolfeboro, New Hampshire makes it all the more amazing. You have just earned a customer for life! Thank you!
P.S. You might also appreciate knowing that I learned about your products through Dr. Martin Goldstein's most eye-opening book, The Nature of Animal Healing." - B.R. Wolfeboro, NH


"One of my cats has colitis and after spending between $2-3000 at the vet, and out of desperation to find a way to help my little guy who was clearly in a lot of pain on a regular basis, I finally did my own research and came across your product in one of my local natural pet food stores and decided to try it. I've been using this product for the past 3 years - I put a little in his food each day and it has pretty much stopped his colitis episodes as opposed to daily issues before. So I just wanted to say thank you, because I was completely desperate and my vet had no answers. I have recommended this product to several people who have pets with digestive issues. Thanks!" - C.L. New York, NY


Outside Flea Relief
(Diatomaceous Earth)

"I was not interested in deworming my very big strong cats with a plunging syringe filled with nasty chemicals that my cats hated. My people family is very much homeopathic so it was time for our fur family to make the switch. So i googled and came across your product and within 3 weeks we are worm free. In fact i was so impressed i mentioned the product and your company to my father who is upper management with petco and he is going to pass his recommendation on to the company buyer. They are making a huge push toward homeopathic remedies so hopefully your wonderful products can be a part of that. Thank you again and keep making healthy quality remedies for our pets!"- S.C. Internet

"I put some on a plate and my cats's food dish on top- NO MORE ANTS! Love it! The ants used to be swarming all over the kitchen. Thanks so much for a great idea that works! - R.Z. Winnetka, CA

Calm Stress

"My little terrier used to pee every time someone came over, now thanks to Calm Stress, that problem is history!." -M.Z. Hawthorne, CA

"I've used Calm Stress for 2 dominant male cats that spray in my house and have found quite a difference". -says D.M. of Vinton, VA My vet told me that spraying is do to stress, so Calm Stress to the rescue. It works!"

"It's been 3 weeks since we started using Calm Stress on our macaw and he hasn't plucked a feather! We had tried everything else on the market... it's amazing!" 

"Especially helpful for my dog on long car trips." - P.S., Staten

"... your CALM STRESS product is incredible. I work with Standard Poodle rescue and have used it on many occasions." - A.E.C. Springfield, MO


"I used to struggle trying to brush my cat's teeth, but still by the time she was 6, they had to pull 2 of them. Since I started putting a pinch of Crystal-C powder in her food every day, her gums are healthy and all the rest of her teeth look great. Thanks so much!" - I.F. Miami, FL.

"Adding vitamin C to my dog's diet helped shrink a large tumor and added years to his life!" - E.B. Santa Clara, CA

"It has had an almost miraculous effect on our dog. He cried and cried each time he got up from napping until he got his body moving. Your product has provided tremendous relief." -V.M., Palm Desert, CA.

Arthritis Relief

"It has worked wonders for my female Sheltie. She is only 6 years old and the vet has said what she has in her hind area is arthritis. The product you offer relieves my mind as to giving her medicine for the rest of her life and it has truly helped her everyday living. I feel this natural approach for a long term problem is an absolute blessing! Thank you." -M.S., Cleveland, OH.

"Hello, I purchased your arthritis product 6 weeks ago and gave it to my cat for 4 weeks. I have seen such a dramatic improvement in her overall mobility and health - she's been playing again! As a co-owner of an exclusive feline boarding facility, I am happy to have such a great product to recommend to our customers with older or ailing cats!" - L.B. Galveston, TX

"These are the best fish oil caps on the market! When I saw how well my dog was doing, I started taking some myself, now I take 5 of them every night! Thanks Dr. Goodpet." - B.G. Los Angeles, CA

Bena Fish Oil

"I started my kitty on the bena fish oil, she is now shiny and glossy and purrs when she gets fed- we love your products, thanks!" - P.T. Portland, OR

"My Labrador Retriever loves swimming in the ocean! Problem is, his skin and coat would get dry and cause itching & scratching. I started giving him your fish oil caps and that problem is history! He eats them like candy!" B.D. Miami, FL

Canine Digestive Enzymes

"Use Dr. Goodpet! It's half the price and works twice as well. Give Goodpet Digestive Enzymes INSTEAD of what the vet prescribes for canine pancreatic and digestive issues. One of the greatest products out there.It works well and no need for an expensive vet visit or prescription. Thanks, Dr. Goodpet!" - S.H., Internet

"Great product! It really eliminated my dog's gas problem" - G.M., Cedar Rapids, IA

 Feline Digestive Enzymes

"I started my 15-year-old cat on the enzymes 2 months ago and she has stopped vomiting. I tried other enzymes and she would immediately throw them up. It has also greatly improved her digestive system and now my vet is recommending it to his other clients!" - A.K. Cape Coral, FL

"I've been using your Feline Enzyme supplement for 2 weeks now, feeding it to my cat 'Thomas' who has IBS and other problems, he had been drastically underweight for years, he has a condition that means he cannot absorb food properly as well as his IBS. The transformation in his condition has been... well... miraculous really... no more no less! He has put on weight and kept it on, he looks so much better... his coat is silky and shiny, his eyes are bright, he enjoys his food more, he is more active, more 'full of beans' than he has been for so long. It is a joy to see him tucking in to his food, the supplement mixes in so well... the no smell no taste means he eats his half a teaspoon of enzymes with every meal without any problems. He is alert and enjoys life so much more now, he's filled out and looks a million dollars!! No longer do I watch him and feel sorrow at his condition, now I can enjoy him and feel optimistic for his future... it has been soooo long since I did that!! Thank you so much!" 

"I would like to say, your Feline Enzymes saved my kitty's life, before we started on your product he was knocking on heaven's door!" - S.F. Sun Valley, CA

 Flea Relief

"Not only has it eliminated flea problems for both our dog and cats, but we find far fewer ticks on them as well." - V.C., Waveland, MS

"I've been using the Flea Relief for a few months now on my Shar-Pei. With all his wrinkles, I could not get rid of the fleas -- even with the flea-control pills from the vet. I ordered the Flea Relief... and I like it so well, I now order two bottles at a time. The dog is flea free. took him to be groomed and the lady couldn't believe it!" - B.C., Tamaroa, IL

"I used the scratch free and the flea relief on my 8 year old springer spaniel. I'm not finished yet with my first bottles but just wanted you to know he's doing great! I have been so frustrated for a long time with his skin problems. We don't even know what he's allergic to but he would always have yeast and bacterial infections on his skin and was always treated with Cephalexin and Prednisone and Ketoconozole. I was so sick of those treatments because I thought he was just getting more unhealthy all the time. Now, his skin is pink and young looking on his belly and it just looks like he has new skin. I now have hope of not having to use antibiotics on him anymore. Thanks!" - L. FL

 Mobility Formula

"I have a 14-year old Shih Tzu named Buffy with serious arthritis. She was crying in pain and having problems walking. It was very sad. Two weeks ago I decided to try your arthritis drops. WOW! In 1 week she was a different dog. Even my veterinarian was blown away. He said he will suggest these drops to his other patients. We are very excited about the fact that it is ALL NATURAL. I am now trying several other of your products for Buffy's bad breath and also for my 5- year old Yorkie." - C.D. Cornwall, Ont

"My 11-year old German Shepherd could barely walk when I started her on the Mobility Formula. Now she is able to come with me when I jog. It's really great stuff! Thanks." - L.G., Los Angeles, CA

"I heard about your mobility product on the radio, so I ordered some for my little Shih-Tzu. She had been crying every time she had to jump off the bed. Now, she scampers up and down like a puppy. It has made a big difference." - S.V. Ann Arbor, MI

Golden Age

"My cat is doing so well on your product." - J.F., Lewisville, TX

"It's done my Pekingese a world of good." - C.M., Thomasville, GA

"It's like I have a new dog. The turnaround was so fast and so positive." - A.F., Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for your EXCELLENT products! I love the Golden Age formula. It works better than any I've tried" - E.G.

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