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Will the Dr. Goodpet Canine Digestive Enzymes work to stop the awful smelling gas produced by our dogs (especially at night)?

--- Yes it will! Just sprinkling the indicated amount on their food will clear the air- guaranteed!

Can we use both Flea Relief and Scratch Free at the same time for our dog and cat?

--- Yes, homeopathic remedies work best if used at a 4-hour interval though, so use one in the morning and the other at night.

Can we use Crystal-C powder for instead of toothpaste to brush our dogs or cats teeth and gums?

--- Yes, works better than toothpaste to rub the vitamin C powder on their gums. Also helps their teeth and gums to add a pinch to their food.

Can we sprinkle the Canine Digestive Enzymes or Feline Digestive Enzymes or Probiotics on our dog or cats food and store in the fridge for feeding later?

--- No, enzymes and probiotics are both active ingredients that will start working on the food immediately, so best to sprinkle on just prior to feeding.

Are Dr Goodpet's Canine Digestive Enzymes helpful for a dog with Pancreatitis?

--- Yes, the digestive enzymes along with probiotics and corrected diet will help resolve this health issue.

Is Yucca toxic to pets?

--- Yucca is not toxic when processed for use as a supplement!

--- Yucca along with just about all house plants and most garden plants are toxic to dogs and cats when ingested raw. 

I have a dog who chronically scratches (without fleas). Yesterday I purchased your anti- itch product (which worked overnight - however today she's scratching a bit). I am wondering what additional products you would recommend? Note, she’s also on a hypoallergenic food. Thanks for your help.

---This is a very common situation, unfortunately. Our recommendation is to add supplements to her diet that will help her fully digest and absorb the nutrients from her food. Maximum Protection Formula, Canine Digestive Enzymes and Bena Fish Oil (or Pure Coconut Oil). Adding a sprinkling of these supplements and using Dr. Goodpet's Pure Shampoo once a week will relieve that itching.

Hello - just got my order and a paper that discussed how to make home-made dog and cat food. The only thing missing was figuring out the amounts to give different weight dogs. Tips? Thank you so much.

-- A medium sized dog (40 lbs.) will eat approximately one pound of meat per day (1/2 at each serving, twice a day)- of course this will vary greatly depending on breed, amount of daily exercise, etc. You can tell if your dog is getting enough food if he finishes eating and is full and not begging for more (not too much anyway). With a little input from your dog- It won’t be long before you arrive at the ideal amount.

I purchased your homeopathic Flea Relief for my dog. You indicate that It's a great natural alternative to products like Advantage®, Program® and Frontline®. What is the dosage amount and frequency depending on weight to use your product as an alternative to the above.. My german shepherd dog is 80 lbs. Thank you!

--- Start with the recommended dosage of 15 drops (half-full dropper) directly in the mouth (or on a bit of food or treat) twice a day and 15 drops in the water bowl. You can use less as it starts working so after a week or cut down to once a day and in the water. After another week, every other day will work. You can get to just using it the water and twice a week directly. Shampoo your GSD more often than usual with a neutral soap/shampoo- Dr Goodpet’s Pure Shampoo works well- you can also powder your dog with DE (diatomaceous earth powder Outside Flea Relief). Fleas are a constant battle- especially when it gets hot and humid.

My dog is getting a little older (he's 5) and has started limping, especially after I take him running- is there anything you recommend that might help?

--- Start adding Dr Goodpet's Mobility Formula to his food and give him the Arthritis Relief whenever the pain seems to be worse (like after running).