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More Rain Poses Huge Health Risk to Dogs

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The arrival of increased precipitation means both positive and negative side effects. More rainfall means help filling up reservoirs and a whole lot more green. However, more serious consequences like flooding and mudslides undoubtedly come with it. That being said, there’s maybe one major health risk that's right under your nose that you MUST be aware of and it's not for you, it's for your dog.

More rain means wet, soggy soil, which means mushrooms. With the added moisture it’s a certainty that mushrooms will be popping up everywhere more and more. While many of these are not dangerous, some can be extremely toxic for your dog if ingested.

Lisa Bloch of the Humane Society of Marin, CA commented on the matter stating that “Dogs can get very sick. There’s one type of mushroom that if a dog eats, they get sick initially, then they get better, then they go into liver failure.”

Not all of the mushrooms that pop up are harmful, but some are. Please keep a watchful eye on what your pup is digging into when they’re outside. 

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