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All four of these common non-toxic herbs are staples in many of your favorite recipes, and they may end up being favorites of your canine companion as well. With powerful cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties, it couldn’t hurt to give um’ a try!

Basilthe backbone of any pesto sauce as well as many other Italian dishes, leafy basil is loaded with flavor in addition to antioxidants. Try sprinkling some on your dog’s food bowl next time you’re cooking with it.

Rosemarypacked with calcium and iron, this aromatic herb can be a great addition to any canine cuisine you may be serving up. Because rosemary can be somewhat sharp when stripped from its stem, be sure to chop it up a bit before adding to any food.

Oregano not just the healthiest topping on your pizza, oregano boasts powerful antioxidant and anti-microbial properties along with a high flavonoid concentration. This herb has even been known to treat digestive issues and gas, often prescribed as a natural anti-diarrhea medicine.

Parsley (NOT Spring Parsley, which is toxic to dogs & cats )an herb commonly added to dog treats because of its breath-freshening ability, has also been known to sooth upset or sour stomach. Clearly, parsley is more than just pretty green garnish!

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