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Goat's Milk ~ The New Superfood for Dogs & Cats

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The American Journal of Medicine considers Goat milk to be “ the most complete food known,” an extremely impressive title considering the countless health foods out there. If this surprises you, it’s probably because in America when we think of milk, we typically think of cows. But it is actually milk from goats that is the most consumed milk in the world.

So what is it about goat milk that makes it such an incredible health food and superior dairy choice?

I'm so glad you asked. The milk from cows contains certain proteins - such as casein, which is found in very small amounts in goat milk, if at all. Casein, along with other different proteins make cow’s milk much more difficult to digest, increasing the likelihood of allergic reactions. In addition to being less allergenic, studies prove that the fat found in goat milk on the other hand is very easily absorbed, and the higher concentration of short and medium chain fatty acids greatly increases digestibility – the fat molecules in cow milk are about five times the size of those in goat milk. 

Can’t forget to mention the high amounts of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and vital electrolytes found in goat milk, or the naturally occurring probiotics. This is why at Dr. Goodpet we reformulated our multi-vitamin/mineral supplements to contain the highest quality, grass fed goat milk whey available! 

We have all the bases covered, with  Optimum Growth for puppies and kittens,  Golden Age for older dogs and cats,  Maximum Protection for all the glorious years in between and  Treatamin as a quick, creamy goat milk vitamin snack – we also added the nutrition of goat milk to our popular  Mobility Formula. 

Check out our entire lineup of products at www.goodpet.com and choose the multivitamin/mineral supplement  that’s right for your dog or cat, all fortified with the nutritional powerhouse that is goat milk.

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