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Pets At Risk (books)

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Product Description

From allergies to cancer, remedies for an unsuspected epidemic.

by Alfred Plechner, DVM, and Martin Zucker

Pets at Risk is the follow up book to Pet Allergies: Remedies for an epidemic. This book provides a clear guide for healing, written for both pet owners and veterinarians alike. Dr. Plechner explains that many health problems originate with genetic or acquired disturbances to the adrenal cortex production of cortisol, an important hormone. Dr. Plechner also identifies adverse environmental influences such as food intolerance, poor diet, toxins in the environment and stress among others, as factors that also may affect overall pet health.

In Dr. Plechner's therapy program, he uses a safe and effective combination of pharmaceutical and plant based (natural) cortisone preparations, depending on the severity and stage of disease. Many once-sick animals - some seriously ill - have made remarkable recoveries and lived long and healthy lives on this program. After learning about Dr. Plechner's findings, one physician, David Brownstein, stated: "His revelations from years of clinical practice have connected the dots between unrecognized hormonal defects and immune system disorder. As a medical doctor, I find that his work explains many of the chronic problems I see in my patients. The information has great therapeutic significance not just for sick animals but for sick humans as well."

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