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Top 6 Reasons to Start Your Pets on Fish Oil

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1). Like humans, dogs and cats are unable to synthesize vital omega 3 and 6 fats, so they must have it in their diet. Unfortunately, most if not all processed pet foods do not deliver the fatty goods our animals need, and  high quality fish oil is the convenient solution to this problem.

2). Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA have been shown to fortify cells, greatly reducing inflammation in the body, particularly brain cells. As a result, our pets remain upbeat and alert, aging much slower resulting in a higher quality of life.

3). The healthy fats found in fish oil are incredible in their ability to improve coat health and clear up skin conditions in a short period of time. Dogs and cats with itchy, flaky or irritated skin will quickly benefit from the addition of Omega 3’s in their diet.

4). Studies have shown that DHA is critical to the proper development of puppies and kittens, especially healthy tissue growth in the brain and retina ( plays a very important role in maintaining ideal vision). DHA has also been demonstrated to improve cognition, memory and immune function in growing canines and felines.

5). Supplementing with EPA has powerful anti-inflammatory effects in dogs and cats, providing powerful protection against the onset of arthritis and other age-related problems.

6). Moodiness, irritability and depression have all been linked to inadequate Omega 3 concentration in dogs. Missing these fats from the diet causes brain function to decline, throwing hormones out of whack and causing other important bodily functions to suffer. Many mood related issues can easily be addressed and even reversed by  adding fish oil to your dog or cat’s food daily, it’s that simple!

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