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Top 4 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Fresh, Raw Food

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1. Cooking cancels the benefits! Each meal of raw meat you serve contains the perfect amount of naturally occurring enzymes to ensure proper digestion as well as nutrient absorption. The extreme high heat processing associated with other cooked meat and grain products literally removes the very life essence of the food itself. This doesn't mean you can't cook a beautiful meal for your best buddy, the question is, why would you?

2. Ditch the junk! Every single pre-packaged canine “food like” product on the market is chock-full of indigestible garbage. Yes, even the so called low grain, low carb “healthy” products designed to convince you they are the very best on the market. The truth is actually quite the opposite! Science suggests that nothing is better than unheated, unaltered and unrefined raw meat to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

3. Shake off the allergies, for good! Unlike our furry feline friends, dogs have evolved to be capable of digesting and utilizing some grains in their diet. But the fact is, while grains may be permitted, they are very far from the ideal energy source: raw meat. The allergens, binders and fillers contained in “food like” formulas are not fully accepted by the canine digestive tract, which leads to scratching, itching and other unflattering side effects.

4. Pet Food Companies do not Care about your Dog! Since you only want the best for your buddy, preparing his/her meals yourself allows you to take their health into your own hands. This way, you ensure that your dog is getting everything they need and nothing they don’t, while preparing the type of meals that promote the most longevity with the very best quality of life!

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