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The 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds from 2014

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5. Beagle – It may take longer to housebreak a Beagle, with all the barking and howling, but they are typically nice to everyone. While they may not make very good guard dogs, Beagles are great at guarding their food bowl! As scent hounds, Beagles are extremely sensitive to smell and will wander off after catching a whiff of something they like, so be sure to keep an eye them.

4. Bulldog – Bulldogs have a sweet, oftentimes lazy disposition, always wearing that adorable grin they are so well known for. These sweethearts are great companion dogs, but are also extremely sensitive. Bulldogs cannot tolerate heat/humidity or the cold and often wheeze and snore when resting. Overeating combined with lack of exercise can quickly lead to obesity if not monitored closely. 

3. Golden Retriever – Revered as the “perfect family dog,” this breed of retriever loves spending time with their humans. Although they enjoy lounging around, Golden Retrievers need AT LEAST 40 minutes of exercise daily! They can tolerate hot and cold weather well and are great for first-time owners with less experience. 

2. German Shepherd – Who doesn't love that tongue-wagging, happy but inquisitive German Shepard look? Like Labradors, German Shepherds are also very intelligent, however they can easily grow bored or anxious without receiving proper attention. Make sure to play games and exercise with your Shepard as much as possible to maintain physical and mental health. Keep in mind, this amazing breed can be quite unfriendly toward strange people and other dogs, making proper training of the utmost importance. 

1. Labrador Retriever – Labs are best known for their outgoing even-tempered personalities. Intelligent and kind, they are praised for their all-around friendliness, even when around complete strangers. Daily exercise is important for them to maintain good health. This beautiful breed is also typically great with young children and gets along well with other dogs. Being easy to train and very personable are a few of the characteristics that make the Lab America’s most beloved canine!

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