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4 Healthy Foods You & Your Dog Will Hugely Benefit From

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1). Sweet Potatoes – Just think, guilt free sweet potato pie you and your canine companion can enjoy! Sweet potatoes are a nutritionally superior starch, packed with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese and possibly the best source of beta carotene (vitamin A) around.

2). Flax Seeds – An excellent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, which is also important for helping maintain a beautiful shiny coat and healthy skin. Also a wonderful source of fiber, adding ground flax seeds to your dog’s diet can boost health overnight.

3). Yogurt – Providing a great calcium and protein punch, yogurt is a simple, yet obvious choices for a quick and nutritious snack – frozen yogurt can be especially enjoyable on a hot day. The active beneficial bacteria found in yogurt is a delicious source of probiotics for you and your dog alike, improving stomach flora and strengthening immunity. Like with all dairy, go organic whenever possible.

4). Eggs – A staple of the American breakfast buffet, and for good reason. Eggs provide easily digestible, high quality protein as well as healthy essential fats you and your dog can benefit from. Because uncooked egg whites can cause stomach issues, be sure to cook your eggs just to be safe. Choose organic, free-range eggs whenever possible. 

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