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Digestive Enzymes for Cats


You are what you digest. The same is true for your cats. That’s why many veterinarians and pet nutrition experts recommend digestive enzyme supplements.

By aiding in the breakdown of food, enzyme supplements help animals get more nutrients from their food. Veterinarians report a wide range of improvements, including hair coat and skin, resistance to illness, vigor and mobility, and maintenance of good body weight.

Enzymes are particularly beneficial to older animals who often slowdown in their natural ability to produce digestive enzymes.

Dr. Goodpet Laboratories, of Inglewood, CA, offers a specially-balanced formula for cats -- Feline Enzymes. This powdered supplement, which is sprinkled onto food, is available at leading pet and health food retail stores.

Dr. Goodpet’s Feline Enzymes are recommended in Anitra Frazier’s NATURAL CAT BOOK.

Here is what cat owners have to say about the product:

“I started giving my cats the digestive enzymes and noticed an immediate improvement in their coats and also their gingivitis,” W.A., Brookfield, MA

One cat behavior consultant wrote that “many of my clients have given it glowing praise.”

Dr. Goodpet’s Feline Enzymes are made from natural plant sources, shown by research to be highly effective, less costly, and with a wider range of activity than animal-based enzyme supplements.

Research also shows a strong link between enzyme deficiency and disease. Typical signs to look for are voluminous stool, often with undigested fat clearly visible; animals who eat their own feces; and animals who are clearly underweight despite big appetites.

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