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The Absolute Best Tip to Keep Your Dogs & Cats Youthful and Active

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From the time our pets are born, the transition into adulthood often times leads to a steady decline in their activity level, sometimes much earlier than expected. Dogs aren’t quite as eager to play fetch and cats are no longer sprinting up trees with reckless abandon. Unfortunately getting older is also often accompanied by body aches and arthritis, resulting in potentially debilitating hip and joint pain. That being said, our  Mobility Formula is proven and will help your pup or kitty fight those symptoms brought on by father time. 

So often concerned owners resort to harsh pharmaceutical drugs for the answer. The Good news is that there is a safe and effective alternative to toxic anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, address the nutritional deficiencies at the root of the cause. 

Dr. Goodpet’s Mobility Formula is a potent, easy to use vitamin/mineral powder fortified with highly absorbable, nutrient dense goat’s milk whey. To ensure Mobility Formula’s effectiveness, we mix in extra Vitamin C as well as high quality glucosamine , a natural substance especially concentrated in the healthy cartilage of dogs and cats. 

Starting at a young age the production of glucosamine in the body slows down, weakening the natural repair process causing wear and tear on the joints that can lead to painful arthritis. Research shows that supplementing with glucosamine can help rebuild this precious cartilage. We also add MSM, a natural sulfur-containing compound and joint healer, having powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. 

Don’t wait, start using Mobility Formula today and give your dogs and cats the help they need to live a long, happy and pain free life.

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