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Blog ~ A Few Words from Dr. Goodpet - homeopathy

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No two dogs or cats are exactly alike, even though they may be of the same breed, even if they are related to one another. Today, too many veterinarians lose sight of this fact, often ignoring the individuality of animals and treating them as if they are all identical – but we proud and dedicated pet owners know better.

We know that each dog and cat has his/her own unique personality and energy, those intangible characteristics that define their being.

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that aims to treat the whole animal as opposed to simply addressing physical symptoms. Homeopathic remedies work in a way similar to common vaccines, except without unwanted side effects. By introducing an extremely small amount of the substance that caused the symptoms, the body is then enabled to heal itself naturally through enhanced immune response.

So many folks are constantly dragging their canine and feline family members to the vet for all sorts of expensive tests and bloodwork, only to be presented with the sole treatment option of harsh drugs and/or invasive, often traumatizing procedures. At Dr. Goodpet we believe in doing everything possible to address disease naturally before resorting to extreme measures! We carry a wide variety of effective, all natural Homeopathic formulas, check out our entire line up of medicine at www.goodpet.com.

Flea ReliefAids in healing and helps relieve itching, scratching and biting caused by fleas, ticks, mites and lice.

Good BreathHelps reduce bad breath odors in dogs and cats.

Arthritis ReliefHelps relieve minor muscle and joint pain.

Ear-Relief Helps keep ear canal clean, reduces ear odor, ear wax and excess dirt.

Diar-ReliefHelps in the treatment and control of diarrhea.

Calm StressHelps relieve stress and hyper-excitement, also prevents motion sickness.

Eye-CFor the temporary relief of discomfort from minor eye irritation, soothing vitamin c and zinc.

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