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Blog ~ A Few Words from Dr. Goodpet - feline diet

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Milk and Dairy is a no-no It’s a little known fact, and most folks are surprised to learn that the majority of cats are actually born lactose intolerant. As a result, the feline system has an incredibly difficult time digesting any dairy products. Diarrhea may occur along with upset stomach and lethargy as a result.

Tuna, only okay every once in awhile – I’ll admit, this one is a bit of a shocker, but over consumption of tuna and tuna infused cat foods can lead to MAJOR health issues. If human-prepared tuna is a centerpiece of your cat’s diet, malnutrition can be the result due to a lack of sufficient nutrient balance. There is also the danger of heavy metal poisoning because of the high mercury levels in the fish.

Dog Food is for dogsWhen dogs and cats are living in the same household, it’s almost inevitable that they will get into each other’s food. This isn’t such a big deal if your dog is eating from the cat bowl, but when cats eat from the dog bowl it can lead to big digestive issues as well as dehydration. Because cats are obligate carnivores they only derive nutrition from meat and are unable to process the grains contained in most dog foods.

Careful, not too much liver Treating your kitty to a special meal of liver is fine once in awhile, but be sure to keep track of how often. Eating too much liver can lead to Vitamin A toxicity, a condition that targets your cat’s bones and can be fatal in serious cases. The most common symptoms are deformed bones, osteoporosis and abnormal bone growths on the spine.  

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