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In recent years, veterinarians and experts in canine nutrition have come to realize the potential health benefits of including the right whole grains in your dog’s diet. Just like humans, dogs can be sensitive to gluten – a protein contained in wheat – and it may be wreaking havoc in their digestion, preventing proper nutrient absorption. If you suspect a gluten allergy may be the underlying cause of your pup’s issues, the simple choice is to eliminate wheat from their diet completely. 

But what kind of grains should it be replaced with? Here are nine extremely healthy grain and seed alternatives to wheat that you can cook and bake with, and are also found in high quality hypo-allergenic dry foods – although home-cooking these grains is always the most nutritious option.

Here’s a list of nutritious, gluten-free grains and seeds you can experiment with (all low glycemic):

1. Quinoa (seed) – high in protein and b vitamins, very rich in trace minerals and contains healthy fats.

2. Barleyincredible source of fiber per serving with b vitamins and trace minerals.

3. Oats – reliable source fiber and protein, including a wide array of nutrients.

4. Millet – packed with copper, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese.

5. Amaranth (seed) – a wonderful source of complete protein due to lysine content, calcium rich as well.

6. Brown Rice – extremely high in manganese and selenium, along with other trace minerals.

7. Buckwheat (seed) – a great dietary addition for blood sugar control, also incredible mineral content.

8. Sorghum – loaded with phosphorous and iron, also provides potassium, niacin and thiamin.

9. Teff – chalk full of valuable iron and calcium as well as other important trace minerals.

**All of these grains contain valuable plant antioxidants and phytonutrients, in addition to high quality protein and fiber, in varying concentrations, that can help your dog thrive!  

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