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Blog ~ A Few Words from Dr. Goodpet - coconut oil

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What are hot spots? Referred to in the veterinary world as acute moist dermatitis, hot spots are basically inflamed, irritated lesions on your dog’s body, often growing on the chest and hips. Because dogs love to relentlessly chew, scratch and lick the affected areas, hot spots tend to grow fast and are slow to heal, and can become quite painful. So the question is, what can you do to prevent hot spots from developing altogether? 

The first tip is to remember that just because your dog has a thick coat of fur, it doesn’t mean they have thick and resilient skin underneath. In fact, canine skin is actually much more sensitive than human skin , which makes choosing a high-quality hypo-allergenic and natural shampoo essential to your grooming routine! In addition, try massaging organic virgin coconut oil into your dog’s skin and scalp, allowing it to fully absorb as much as possible –  coconut oil is a powerful all-natural anti-septic with miraculous anti-bacterial as well as moisturizing properties. 

Diet is also key, if your pup is eating a higher ratio of grains than animal protein on a daily basis they are more likely to develop these skin lesions. If irritation and spots are already present, you may strongly consider shaving the affected areas to provide oxygen flow and allow for better absorption of any topical cream/oil you apply. Tea tree oil is another natural treatment option to consider as it is also a powerful antiseptic that was commonly used by surgeons in the early 20 th century to clean wounds and prevent infection.

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