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Blog ~ A Few Words from Dr. Goodpet - canine constipation

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Whether caused by diet or stress, medication or dehydration, constipation can rear its ugly head and significantly lower your dog’s quality of life. Maybe you notice he/she is not “going” with as much ease when you are out for your morning walk, maybe not going at all. At this stage, rather than going straight to the Veterinarian for answers, why not try something natural with the potential to fix the problem and improve your dog’s health at the same time. 

Vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant with anti-bacterial as well as antiviral and anti-cancer properties, making it an invaluable tool for fighting off disease. But what’s more, the proper dose of Vitamin C can completely reverse most cases of constipation overnight . Because the most common side effect of Vitamin C is loose/runny stool (which naturally happens when too much is taken), identifying the ideal amount is the answer to the problem. 

Start small (250 mg for every 25 lbs. of body weight) and slowly increase the dosage until regularity is achieved. Be sure to use a  pure Vitamin C powder you can easily mix into your dog’s dry/wet food, it’s odorless and basically flavorless so even the pickiest canines won’t be able to detect a difference in taste!

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