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Probiotics: The Key to Keeping your Dogs & Cats Healthy

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Like humans, canines and felines have digestive systems that house billions and billions of beneficial bacteria, also known as intestinal flora. And just like humans, when the concentration of good bacteria is too low, our furry little friends suffer from the same issues: poor digestion, weakened immune function and greater susceptibility to sickness and disease. 

These days, veterinarians will often put your pet(s) on an antibiotic regimen to kill a particular bacterial infection, neglecting to mention those same antibiotics kill much of the “good” bacteria as well. Then, because of inadequate diet and/or nutrition, the balance of good bacteria never quite builds back up to where it needs to be. 

Since the ability to fight off various pathogens and bacterial invaders depends on a strong immune system, restoring good bacteria is a top priority. 

Probiotics for Dogs and Cats contains billions of high potency units of beneficial bacteria, designed to replenish low levels of intestinal flora and restore the proper balance. We also added specific nutrients to the formula called prebiotics, these help fortify the system and work to keep the good bacteria healthy and flourishing. 

All facts considered, Probiotics are arguably the most important supplement your dog or cat should be taking on a daily basis.

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