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Learn What's Causing Your Pet's Sickness & Cure it - Without the Vet!

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Inflammation is public enemy number one when it comes to the health and longevity of canines and felines – it is the underlying cause of all disease, including cancer. Too much inflammation equals a higher risk of chronic illness and much lower quality of life. Recent research has even uncovered that dogs and cats are born with a certain amount of anti-inflammatory genes, making the correlating a greater quantity of these particular genes with a longer life span. The lucky ones born with a greater concentration of these genes have a more efficient immune response, allowing them to keep inflammation at bay while protecting healthy tissues in the body.

At this point you’re probably wondering, “What can I do if my pet is one of the unlucky ones?"

You may not be able to control the natural amount of anti-inflammatory genes your pets are born with, but you can control what they eat on a daily basis. Conventional diets have far too much omega 6 fat, which causes inflammation, and far too little omega 3 fat, which promotes anti-inflammatory activity in the body. You can make an immediate difference by cutting down or eliminating all processed foods (often contain dangerously high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids) from your pet’s diet, and adding an omega 3 supplement (such as fish oil) daily to achieve optimal levels. The goal is to balance out the ratio of these two essential fats and trigger the body’s built in capacity to heal itself.

The ideal anti-inflammatory, disease fighting diet for dogs and cats is one consisting of high quality animal meat and fat - preferably raw and organic. Ditch all processed grains if possible, they contain unwanted starches that only feed disease and create more inflammation without providing any real nutrition. 

Supplement with a good quality vitamin/mineral powder you can mix in with the food, the amount needed will largely depend on body weight and existing diet. Other additions such as probiotics and digestive enzymes can be extremely helpful in achieving proper immune balance and nutrient absorption. At Dr. Goodpet our products are formulated with your pet’s health in mind, which is why all of our medicines and nutritional supplements are human grade – that’s what makes us a cut above the rest! Go and check out our entire lineup of healing tools to help your pet have a healthier, happier life. 

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