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Discover How Growing Up with a Pet is Extremely Healthy for Children

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You may be a cat person, or more of a dog person, but regardless of which you prefer, you should definitely be a pet person! Not only is it a joy to raise a cute little puppy or kitten, watching them grow and learn, there are also several other benefits to consider. 

For instance, recent science suggests that babies who grow up in the presence of cats and/or dogs may be less likely to develop allergies due to improved immune strength and response. Children create different antibodies to combat the growing allergy, making them stronger and less susceptible in the long run. 

Other studies have concluded that early life feline exposure and prolonged ownership could also protect young children (ages 2-5) from symptoms such as wheezing and heavy breathing, both early indications of asthma. In fact, there is even a study from the University of Minnesota that found cat owners to be 30-40 % less likely to die of cardiovascular disease! 

Also, knowing your dog is excited and eager to get out and play can encourage you to take them on longer walks, maybe even start going on jogs right alongside. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the love you and your children will receive from your pet and the unique bond formed is perhaps the greatest benefit of all.

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