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Awaken Your Cat's Inner Athlete!

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Let’s be honest, in their younger years kittens would literally fly around the house with reckless abandon, using furniture as props to jump over and around you. 

But nowadays your once young, energetic feline is plastered to the couch, often only tempted to move by the possibility of more food or perhaps the occasional trip to the litter box. Is this the natural, inevitable transition that awaits all future house cats?

Unless there is an underlying health issue that caused the weight gain and/or lethargy to begin with, the answer is a resounding no (make sure to visit the vet first thing if you suspect something may be wrong) . The truth is cats want and love exercise, but just like us, sometimes they get complacent and stuck in a routine that may not be the healthiest. Once you’ve ruled out health and dietary issues as the reason for weight gain and overall sluggishness, the only prescription is more exercise! 

Create a schedule or simply carve out 15-20 min each day during which time you encourage your furry friend to unleash some well-mannered mayhem. Maybe tease and taunt him/her with a new toy, sparking an intrigue to once again enjoy running around. Just remember, your cat wants to be active and engaged, but you are the only one that can help them rediscover their love for exercise!

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