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Blog ~ A Few Words from Dr. Goodpet

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil boasts fantastic benefits for your pets!Coconut oil benefits come from the MCTs. (Medium Chain Triglycerides). The lauric acid has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Capric and caprylic acid are well known for their anti-fungal effects.Coconut Oil provides an immediate source of fuel and energy, is recommended for athletes and aids in weight loss. In dogs & [...]

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Digestive Enzymes for Cats

You are what you digest. The same is true for your cats. That’s why many veterinarians and pet nutrition experts recommend digestive enzyme supplements. By aiding in the breakdown of food, enzyme supplements help animals get more nutrients from their food. Veterinarians report a wide range of improvements, including hair coat and skin, resistance to illness, vigor and [...]

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Ideal Pet Diet

The Ideal Diet  (veterinarian recommended)Dogs and cats evolved eating uncooked food, mostly meat, no grains. That is a fact. Pet food companies have convinced us that the only way our pets can stay healthy is by feeding them the convenient “balanced diet” that they themselves manufacture – Dry food made mostly from cheap filler grains and questionable protein sources.Of course, [...]

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